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March 29, 2010 by admin

With soaring unemployment rates, nature’s fragile state, and the increased cost of having a mobile phone, selling, recycling, or donating an obsolete phone can only be positive for everyone in so many ways. Getting cash for your mobile phone is a wise decision. Increasingly better technology produces better phones and the latest trends with-a-flip, leave those older pieces of technology totally expendable and utterly useless. A cell phone has yet to come with a microwave oven or a toaster, yet it is packed with an arsenal of just about anything else interactively convenient. As companies stack the schematics and orchestrate microchips, monthly phones are becoming like automobiles; scrapped in junkyards, now everyone sends older phones to landfills. Newer phones have more to offer, and like clothing trends and new fads of the younger generation, teens and young adults flock to purchase these latest phones every two years. At that rate, an older phone in a lesser situation would be rendered obsolete in only 4-5 years.

By selling your old phone you can earn cash to purchase a newer one. You recycle it, basically, and reduce costs overall for everyone. You can save money and ultimately lower the cost of buying phones in the future. Companies can reuse the some of the components on the circuit boards inside the phone. Resistors, conductors, and capacitors, to name a few. These recycling practices can also remove harmful materials containing toxicological properties from older phones like phthalates(plastic) and lead. It’s these types of components that fill landfills and can only be broken down or disposed of to a certain degree.

Comparison sites like recycle mobile phones are available, where you are able to enter your phone serial and model no. on a form, then they show you the best prices from the phone recycling companies. If you are happy you send your phone to them and they will send you payment for it in a few days. The money or credit you earn for the phone varies on what it entails and what phones companies decide are in demand to get back. Handsets and bluetooth devices that are becoming out-dated are also included for recycle in some instances.

When you recycle your phone you help slow down the damage done to our atmosphere. The ozone layer is depleting because of the factories that release harmful chemicals for processing the manufacturing of the older phones. Also, you can save extra space in your home by minimising clutter and getting rid of the dinosaur technology you’ll no longer need. Landfills can be spared the extra room for other debris. It seems it would take a lot of phones in dimension to fill a landfill but believe it or not the small sized phones and the number of users not recycling can fill earth’s dump space fast and not least to mention the poisonous chemicals they leak when they are finally dumped!

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