Security risk for children using mobile phones

November 19, 2010 by admin

It seems like every few months people want to change their mobile phone because of some new technological feature or style. Mobile phone recycling is a great way to make use of these tossed out “not so old” mobile phones, and doing so can also help the environment.
Some people recycle their old mobile phone by giving it to their child. This actually sounds like a good idea but parents should consider the possible health risk that using a headset may have on their young child, or the security risk for children using mobile phones.

Because microwave signals are emitted from mobile phones there are concerns and reports of illness that have been linked with their use in adults. Complaints such as dizziness, headaches, loss of memory and tiredness have been reported. These health effects would be manifested more in small children and possibly have a negative impact on their physical and mental development.

Children can also be at risk if the headset they receive is not properly secured. Many web-enabled phones find their way into the hands of children, in the UK alone one out of four children seven to ten years of age own a mobile phone. Sexually explicit material can easily be downloaded from the internet along with viruses that can find their way onto home computers.

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