1. Boots Launch Recycling Drive With All Technology Welcome

    April 25, 2010 by admin

    Boots is one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted high street names with a successful reward scheme in place  to use at Boots stores and Boots.com to buy more than just their toiletries and medicines. The original brand name Boots was launched over 150 years ago with a single outlet but has grown into a brand with the strength to compete in the international market. Boots has been recently opening ‘store within a store’ outlets in America with great success. With a strong brand name their website covers pharmacy and health, beauty, fragrance, mother and baby, everyday essentials, men, electrical, photo’s, opticians and special offers. At Christmas, Boots covers great gift idea’s too and with a buy two get one free offer on their Christmas range their loyal point collectors can make a massive saving.

    Boots hasn’t always been such a successful company as they tried to expand into Europe and Japan in the mid 1990’s but had to close the stores but their expansion into America has seen their own brand products such as Soltan skin protection range, No7 cosmetics and Botanics natural skin care range grow in popularity.

    The latest thing Boots is tackling is recycling and they already have great green credentials as a company. They have launched Boots recycle which at first glance appears to be a standard recycling facility for mobile phone but in true Boots form they have expanded into other digital media devices too. At Boots Recycle you can also get money for your digital cameras, MP3 players, ipods and satnavs, as well as inkjet cartridges giving their customer the maximum potential for being a great green recycler as well as earning themselves a nice amount of points back in the process.

    Other recycling places will of cause give you money back to do with as you please but Boots customers know how valuable their loyalty points are, especially at Christmas. The larger Boots stores have a collection kiosk for the collection of your points which if you are a regular shopper is somewhere you would go anyway. The actual process is the same as other big recycling companies, posting your phone to them after agreeing price online – simple.

    Remember to compare prices at Recycle Mobile Phones comparison pages for all the mobile phone recycling companies for your make and model of phone before selecting one – you could earn more money then you think!