1. New iPhone App calculates turbine energy in your location

    October 14, 2010 by admin

    Vestas’ new free iPhone app calculates how much energy a turbine could generate in your location. It is good for letting you know if the wind would blow to cause the turbine to generate energy. This app will work anywhere and you can discuss with your colleagues and friends about how much carbon you could save by installing a turbine in your backgarden or office grounds.

    It works by using GPS to calculate your position and calculates how much co2 you could save by installing a wind turbine to the spot you are standing. It is a great app and good for the ‘green’ amongst us, being free it is also well worth checking out, although is only on apple at the moment. (plans to launch on android are coming soon)

    The app is also a weather forecaster (again free) and claims to be more accurate then the UK met office, although its aim is to gain exposure for its newest model of wind turbine. Features of the weather forecasting program are to set alerts, for example when it might rain, to allow you to remember to take a brolly!