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    If you have thought about recycling your old mobile phone then you should do more than just think, especially as you can get cash for just trading in, or if you like, sell your old phone to Mazuma Mobile. Simply use the tables on their site and enter the type of phone you have along with its model number and then you will see how much Mazooma Mobile will give you for your old mobile phone. If you decide to sell your old mobile through Mazuma, then just fill out the form and await freepost address and instructions.

    Mazuma Mobile have paid out over 35 million to customers who have sold or recycled their phones through them and you may have also seen the Mazuma Mobile's television advert, where they 'Magic your mobile into cash'. They will also pay you within 48 hours of receiving your phone and have live online support if you need it, as well as catering for a wide range of mobile phones.

    If you want to get cash and sell your old mobile handset then see how much you could get from Mazuma.

    Mazuma Mobile is otherwise known as mazooma, mazuma mobiles, mazumamobile.

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